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Sunday, September 26, 2010

.....old durban

durban brooches in store now R60 each. love the addington children's hospital part on this old map. remember one of my first photo shoots of the area about 10 years ago was of the children's hospital....

spent hours down at the abandoned point houses, loved the way the doves used to fly from the one rooftop to the next, following each other. not sure that I enjoy the restored version of the houses as much, has lost that special feeling.....
do you remember the homeless shelter, the arc? this is a pic of the side of the building, used to sell these photos at the essenwood craft market many, many moons ago! I always had my eye on this building for a shop! my fav by far.....


  1. I love that you used to explore the parts of Durban that most people would never go to! There's so much to discover if you just look for it :)

  2. it was heaven! i miss those old buildings! xx