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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

clever nev...

Since I can't sketch to save my life its difficult to explain my ideas to other people! Thank goodness for my husband, he seems to understand my vague descriptions and gets exactly what I have in mind! These are the counter tops that we made for our kitchen!

budget constraints = new favourite surface

I quite like the idea of free standing kitchen cupboards that aren't really "kitcheny"! This works as a divider between our kitchen and dining room as well.....

These guys sit inside, I love the Bambie sugar bowl! Quite scared to use it though! Luckily I don't use much sugar!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Rhenda! It's gonna be good to have your creative talent shared here as well as in real life!

  2. Stunning love the texture of the kitchen counter you are a very clever lady , your cabinet has beautiful lines just bought myself an ancient kitchen table to use as a computer desk with the same skinny pins and I LUUUUVV it...

  3. Hi there my friend this is so awesome - you are so creative .All the best

  4. Thanks so much! Still learning so there's a few boo boos! Love your blog!